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Recent News About Our Community.

Promoted by the citizens of Richmond, The Plunge was created through a bond issue in 1926. At that time, it was a “state of the art” two-story building with an indoor warm water swimming pool double the size of an Olympic pool, a fountain, observation balconies, and an open truss ceiling reminiscent of the Sutro Baths in San Francisco.

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Brickyard Cove is a body of water in the Brickyard Cove neighborhood of the Point Richmond area of Richmond, California. The cove is situated between the Harbor Channel, a deepwater shipping channel that connects the San Francisco Bay with the Port of Richmond and the mainland.

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The original hotel was built in 1911 and named the Colonial Hotel. It served many different people, but mostly workers from the nearby Standard Oil refinery (now the Chevron Richmond Refinery). In the 1930s it was purchased by J. V. McAfee, a former manager at the Claremont Hotel. He also changed its name to the Hotel Mac.

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