As I wrote earlier I am making the sacrament of the sick available to any who wish it at the end of our Saturday and Sunday meditative sessions this weekend.  One at a time, keeping distance, explanations at the time.

Also, Help Needed. Not for me, but for the many needy nearby.  We have collected a lot of food for the hungry.  It has to go to the Richmond Rescue Mission on Mac Donald Avenue. I don’t drive.  It is only ten minutes away but – again – if you want to drive some of it over there please let me know in very concrete ways – like a phone call.  Bags and bags still sit in the garage.  Now just a few weeks shy of 87, and just a week or so out of the hospital, my ability to lasso and drive camels is really limited so I am not the one for this trucking.

One of these days we will be open for people again.  So in the process of looking around for a few people who can, in the evening in the middle of the week during the summer days, share some of their own ideas and experiences with interested people.  We already set up a system for showing films in the hall – really good quality equipment – just before everything shut down.  We had a very good projector, and I myself went and bought a top computer and sound system to work with it.  Knowing that a lot of resources are available on the internet we also went ahead and reinforced the internet signal we have in the house so that we can draw on it in the hall.

The rioting Vandals, by the way, have hit Point Richmond.  Yesterday, Friday around 5 PM a 4 door grey car drives up, and a 60ish lady in a flowered print scarf gets out, long scissors in hand, and goes up to the rose garden next to the rectory. Goes to the biggest, tallest, Mr. Lincoln Red Rose – for many years the most fragrant and premium American red rose – and cuts it off.  And then casually walks back to her car, gets in, and drives away.  I tried to catch her but she was already in the car.  I was prepared for her “But of course I took the finest rose.  It’s the one I wanted. Sir, you obviously don’t understand that I’m special.” As any counselor knows, it can be really tough having to live with a special person.  At least she drive away.

That notion that some people are specially entitled is at the base of the turmoil roiling the country today.  And the reason that we invented the new and groundless but very useful word ‘race’ about 250 years ago. We had been raiding the African coast since the mid 1500s.  But then gave Linnaeus his visual rationale to use force, and his followers added their religion, to the visuals to justify making southern hemisphere people subject to those of us from the northern hemisphere. And we’re still living with the remains of that.